Tuesday, August 31

Monday, August 30

Last Call!

Today is the last DAY for this offer of my $18 GypsyGoods Shop Credit for a Premium Sellers Account Referral!  The Zibbet referral program will be over on Wednesday, September 01...
If you need a new place to sell. Zibbet is growing fast and there are so many familiar faces from other venues that want to branch out and grow their online brand.  Please take a tour and you will see what I love about Zibbet!

-Photos (my same photos look so much better on Zibbet)
-Staff and Admins.  listen and respond to the Zibbet community
-Easy to list
-Rolling out new features every week
-Great Community

CHECK it out for yourself... Use my referral link and get shop credit

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Saturday, August 28

Electric Blue

Wednesday, August 25

A new Zibbet Shop:

Redwood Fairy Gnome Door with Working Hinges
Place this fairy door on a shelf or desk to create a portal to an enchanted world. As nature’s protectors, fairies assist in keeping balance amongst all creatures. They are connected with the natural world and are attracted to things made from nature. So this tiny door, handcrafted from only recycled wood and embellished with collections from nature, represents everything that is special to them.

Redwood by Tiffany is just getting started and already has listed some really beautiful items. Check out this new Zibbet shop for yourself!

Sunday, August 15

Visit walkinthewoodsllc's Zibbet Shop...

Calm and Cool it down (I know I am ready for summer to cool down).   Rose makes a variety of herbal items and is just getting her Zibbet Shop started.  She creates beautiful nature jewelry impressions and spirit cords, also.

You choose a single .5 ounce handcrafted Flower Essence that best suits you, your needs, your desires ... to help you - or a loved one - through the challenges of life ... The challenges that help us to grow, thrive and make the most of what we have in each moment.

Tuesday, August 10

Hurry! Time is running out....

Only 26 $9/month Zibbet Premium Sellers Accounts Left!

With just 26 Premium Accounts left at the $9/month rate, time is running out for you to secure yours if you haven't already.   As a special offer we've put together a special coupon for the next 26 people to get their first 7 days for FREE.  

Simply enter FREETRIAL when signing up to redeem this special offer.  Offer is only valid until the end of the week.  With so many great benefits to being a Premium Seller on Zibbet, don't regret not securing this special price for life!

Just a reminder that our Referral Program ends on the 1st September .....ZIBBETT ...No final value fees! ..No Listing Fees!

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Walk in the Woods LLC

Cnewcomb's Wood Work

Monday, August 2

Do you have a signature color?

Can you customize your online shops?
I wanted to give you a tiny peek into just one of the features on Zibbet Premium
(sorry so blurry).... Very user friendly too!

Sunday, August 1

FaceBook and Project Wonderful

I guess I did not think I was busy enough...

I have had an invisible page (don't have my 25 yet) on fb for a while and did not want a personal one.   Thanks to the lovely Zibbet Community.   There are other ways.

If you are around fb...stop in and write on my wall!  I am not public yet,  need more LIKES:

I just signed up for PW.  I need to make an ad........Before I can add it to the blog.
I have been so swamped with work (I guess I will just throw it on top of the old to-do stack)

If you use PW...How do you like it?  
Any tips   do's and dont's?