Tuesday, September 30

My Button code

I just added (far right sidebar---->)
My Gypsygoods Button code.

So, if you want my button...feel free to grab the code and add me to your site!

Thank you
Robin for asking for one.
I hope I did it right!

Friday, September 26

..Thank You..

...(unfolding paper) .... Thank you Christine ... for this wonderful honor.
I love blogging, finding new things to add and wish I had more time to update it. Visiting the EC favs, my groups and checking out my shops is the first thing that I do each morning. I read the blog updates and drop EC's and then start my creative day.

Here are the rules:

Award this to seven of your favorite blogs with the following instructions:
1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog;
2. Link the person you received your award from;

3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs;
4. Put links of those blogs on yours;

I tried to find at least a few blogs that did not have the award on display already
Drum Roll, please ...

The following people have been chosen by their wit, wisdom and contribution to the blog community:









Thank you

Tuesday, September 23

Victorian Inspired Jewelry.......

Gerry of Gerrys Jewel Box carries brass stampings, cameos, settings and her own handmade jewelry in her shop. I ordered brass victorian style findings and I am still in the process of finishing those pieces. She carefully packaged my order and it arrived very quickly.
If you have not seen her Etsy Shop yet.....Pop in and browse her shop!

Friday, September 12

Have you ever seen any sweeter faces than these?

Nancy of NanjoDogz  has created some of the cutest little clay creatures.   The newest listings in the shop feature Animals in Halloween Costumes..."Lil Jailbird"..."Bully the Pirate"..."Willie the Worm"...etc.

Her Shop Categories include:
Buttons, Beads, Etc., Leash Holders, Pendents, Tiles,  Seasonal, Sculpture.

If you have an Animal lover on your list...Check out NanjoDogz blog.

Thursday, September 11

fans on closeout......

These battery powered fans are on sale at Walmart (My local store has reduced them down to $11.00).  End of Seasonal Closeouts...I guess they will reduce the price until they are sold out.  
The fans take 8 D batteries (and come with a power cord too) and it is so much stronger than the personal sized ones....It is great for the car and for camping, too.
I keep several in my "without power" kit.
You can tell by my stash (tarps, rope, bungees, batteries, flashlights, tape, water, canned goods-opener & battery powered Radio, TV, DVD player, tools...etc.) that I have been through a few storms by the things that I always have on hand at all times....Oh, some snicker & call me silly...But, they are the first to ask..."where did you find that"????

Tuesday, September 9

Check your money saving skills with the Spare Change Challenge

Do you wish you had more money?
Could you find ways to your "Spare change" to good use.
Take this money saving quiz from Quicken to see how you rate.

There were several questions on the challenge that did not apply for me.
I think they left quite a few things off the list that I saved lots of money by doing:
  • Do you use the dryer or hang your clothes? (saves on energy cost and wear and tear on clothing)
  • Do you grow some of your own food or herbs?
  • Shop thrift stores or garage sales?
  • Have you had an energy audit done on your home?  
  • Do you have a rainbarrel? 
  • Water saving aerators and shower heads (one of the first thing I install when I move into a new place)
  • Turn the water flow down under the sinks (no one ever noticed that one!)
  • Insulated windows and water heater?
  • Trade or barter?
  • Cook (from scratch)-make in advance-freeze casseroles ready to heat, for those nothing in the house/save on gas by not going for take out at home meals.
  • Buy on sale (add a coupon, if you have it)
  • Read online newspapers and magazines
  • Egg and Potato water (Let cool for watering plants)
  • Do you know where the clearance section is in every store? Check those back endcaps for some end of season closeouts.
  • Use Freecycyle?
  • Do you make holiday gifts?
  • Donate and recycle instead of throw out? (Deduction is a bonus).
  • Don't pay for services you can do yourself. Lawn, landscaping, family haircuts, painting, moving,
  • Use the library for books and movies.
  • Fill out entry forms for freebies-samples on the web and in-store promotions (You never know...better odds than Vegas).
  • Walk or bike (when-where you can)
That is just a few of the things that I thought of. I know there are many, many more cost cutters that I have done over the years to stretch the budget and not waste resources, too. I always check all the money saving challenge, thrifty lists to make sure I am not missing something new.