Thursday, September 13

Mini Art Canvas Buttons (ABEO) for Artists

So, what can you do with the ABEO Art Buttons that I sell in my Shops?

The answer is your imagination is the limit!  They are small mini canvas covered buttons waiting for you to add your art.  They are available in two types of canvas, regular and watercolor.  1.5 inch and 2.25inch buttons.  Anything you can paint on a larger canvas can be painted on these (only smaller).

One talented Jewelry Artisan that creates beautiful wearable art is Connie Owens Art.  She uses watercolors as one of her mediums to create one of a kind artisan jewelry.  This beautiful leather southwest art bracelet is available in her Connie Owens Art on Etsy
Southwest Art Horse Bracelet Hand Painted and Beaded Leather Cord Hummingbird Pendant Necklace Spring Colors, Hand Painted Original Art Pendant, Pin or Scarf Slide

Visit her Etsy Shop where you can find this beautiful  Hummingbird Pendant Necklace Spring Colors, Hand Painted Original Art Pendant, Pin or Scarf Slide.

These are just two of her beautiful wearable art jewelry.  The holidays are right around the corner.  She also does commissioned work (get your orders in now-before the Holiday rush).  She is a great person to work with.

Wednesday, September 12

How did this much time go by?

I know I have been neglecting my blog this year.  I am hanging my head in shame on how long it has been since I have updated it.

It seems like the days are getting shorter... I know, Einstein, Thomas Edison and all those other geniuses had the exact number of hours in their day! ... Depressing thought or motivational one---you decide! 

Finally the temperature seems to be getting a little cooler.  We rode the Metrorail to downtown Austin yesterday.  There was a gentle breeze, so the walk from the station was a nice one.  I usually sew while traveling, but, I enjoyed the view instead.

I have lots of projects on the table, as usual.  Bows, mini hats and fascinators.  I am also making a new basket style organic coffee filter.  I have only carried the cone sized filter in my shops and it is time to add the basket one as well.