Friday, August 7

Sewing on a button

It is easier than you think, if you have never sewn a button on.  Here is a simple chart that I found.  We used to learn to sew in school many moons ago.  When my kids were little I took some loosely woven fabric (like burlap) a large embroidery needle that was rather blunt on the end, large buttons and showed them how to stitch the button on.  It was great for small motor skills.  I am one of those women that find handwork relaxing and sew when I am watching tv.  I always add a drop of clear nail polish to the thread when I am done.  But, be careful not to drip on the shirt.

Extra tip:
When you purchase a button down style shirt from a store... seal the thread on the button right away.  Tame that stray thread that gets pulled and the button falls off before you have to break the thread out and find a matching button because the original button is lost.

Happy sewing!

Thursday, August 6

Do you remember these?

I had every flavor!
  I loved them... they were glossy and tasted so yummy.  
They reissued them years later, not as good as the old formula,  They had plastic tubes instead of glass, the tube leaked and made a huge mess. 
I'll bet there are more than a few older guys that remember the kissing girls that were wearing these kissing potions in the 70's.....

Wednesday, August 5


Long story short...

I had to create another page for my shops on facebook.  After a week of trying to merge the page to the profile without success... I gave up and started over again.  A new beginning so to speak.