Wednesday, August 31

AF...Front Page "Dinner at Eight"

Artfire Front Page

Saving Water and Money

With water too precious to waste ...Don't forget to check your water meter outside your house every once and a while.  Makes sure the dishwasher or ice maker isn't running or anyone using water at the time.

Even the tiniest leak will show water usage (ours has a tiny little red triangle that moves back and forth).  I heard that familiar leaking sound and turned off the water supply at the toilet and off to Lowes for a new fill valve.  A little patience is all that is needed to get the job done and a few tools too.

Tuesday, August 30

The Zibbet Blog Feature

I am so excited that my interview is up on the Zibbet Blog today!!!

The hardest part was...taking photos of myself!  Here is the picture that I sent in.  I was being silly with my mannequin (yes I am standing and she is over 6 feet tall).

If you have a Zibbet Shop or have thought of opening one...Please, stop by and leave me a comment!  Haven't heard of Zibbet???  Check out all of the features and the best part of the site....the PEOPLE. 

Sunday, August 28

Rainbow Connection

I have had the song "Rainbow Connection" stuck in my head all afternoon....
Judy of Portable Graffiti makes these adorable large 2.25" rainbow magnets and sells them in her Portable Graffiti Zibbet Shop.  I don't know how many button machines she owns....But, her variety and prices can't be beat. She is a great person to work with and if you need any custom work done.  She has Graphic and proofreading services available in her other Zibbet Shops.

Stack of 22 Magnets in the colors of the rainbow


Friday, August 19

12-1/2 more days in August

I cannot wait for August to be over with.... Record Heat, dry lawns and a wicked fire that claimed 15 homes about a mile away.

Car repairs, flat tire and my sewing machines are in the shops.  I have my fingers crossed that they can be repaired.  This is the first time in over 30 years I am without a machine.  I would say I am on a sewing vacation--but, my back has been out all week and xrays and physical therapy are in not my idea of a vacation.  Xrays showed something that looks like a kidney stone.  After a trip to the Dr., he thinks it might be a calcification... that is better than a stone

I am blaming this all on August!!!  I am looking forward to September, when everything will be all better (and that is my story and I'm sticking to it). 

I hope your August is nothing like mine!!!