Saturday, May 3


Grandmas are for stories
about things of long ago.
Grandmas are for caring
about all the things you know...
Grandmas are for rocking you
and singing you to sleep,
Grandmas are for giving you
nice memories to keep...
Grandmas are for knowing
all the things you're dreaming of...

But, most importantly of all,
grandmas are for love.
~Author Unknown~

As our grandmother passed away this week, my thoughts turned to how it used to be...before alzheimers.
She could be a tough lady at work...
But, she did have a soft side, she loved her family.

I thought of a time when she was visiting at my parents and I walked in the door with very little sleep from being up all night with a baby with colic. I dragged in the door telling her about the rough night. She reached out her arms and said..."give her to me, she needs mamaw to rock her and make her tummy feel all better". She rocked and rocked her and "grandma was right"...she did make it all better.

We did not live in the same state most of my life, but she always bridged the miles and she did not seem that far away. Cards and trips kept us in touch. She had a special way of always letting you know she was thinking of you. I saw this crazy ring and thought of you, a card for every special day (easter, valentines, thanksgiving......etc.). Her special touch was everywhere....Jingle Bells tied on the end of curling ribbon, just because card, a toothbrush added to your easter treats (to remind you to take care) or a postcard from her travels.

She has been gone in spirit for quite a while, but now her body is being laid to rest next to her husband (who had been taken so many years ago). I know he greeted you at the gate with a kiss and even though we miss you grandma... I am comforted that you will not suffer anymore.
your grandaughter


Grandparents bestow upon their grandchildren
The strength and wisdom that time
And experience have given them.
Grandchildren bless their Grandparents
With a youthful vitality and innocence
That help them stay young at heart forever.
Together they create a chain of love
Linking the past with the future.
The chain may lengthen,
But it will never part...
~Author Unknown~


The Mother
by Robert William Service

Your children grow from you apart,
Afar and still afar;
And yet it should rejoice your heart
To see how glad they are;
In school and sport, in work and play,
And last, in wedded bliss
How others claim with joy to-day
The lips you used to kiss.
Your children distant will become,
And wide the gulf will grow;
The lips of loving will be dumb,
The trust you used to know
Will in another's heart repose,
Another's voice will cheer . . .
And you will fondle baby clothes
And brush away a tear.
But though you are estranged almost,
And often lost to view,
How you will see a little ghost
Who ran to cling to you!
Yet maybe children's children will
Caress you with a smile . . .
Grandmother love will bless you still,--
Well, just a little while.