Wednesday, November 9

Zibbet Blog feature

Zibbet featured zibbeter walkinthewoodsllc

This week we have a treat for you as you will see when you read about Walk In The Woods LLC. Rose has a shop full of spirited gifts inspired by nature.

Her devotion to Mother Nature is clearly evident in her art, notebooks, jewelry, spirit cords, sculpture and botanicals. She is an herbalist, artist, healer, and priestess of the wild, but she’d like you to just call her Rose....... Read the rest of her interview on The Zibbet Blog

Friday, November 4

November...A Month to be Thankful

What a great idea!  I borrowed this from friends to post something that they are thankful for each day!  I have so many people and pets that I am so thankful for, some are not in my life right now because of death-crossing over, or for unknown reasons.  I would always chose my children first on my list of the things I am the most thankful for...But, this is a list to write daily. It is my early resolution to try and embrace everyday and stop living in the past so much. It has been so hard for me to move forward.  I know that is why I love time travel movies so much.  Imagine, you could go back and give your Grandmother one more hug and sit down for one last talk or play in the backyard with your kids and kiss them goodnight one more time.  So, I thought I would post something current that I am thankful for each day.
I am Thankful:
1.  ..for the people in my life that love me just the way I am.
2.  ..that I have a home and do not have to sleep on the streets .
3.  ..that my Mammogram came back "normal" today.
4.  ..for my hubby who brings me breakfast in bed on his days off.
5.  ..for my garden...I just cut and dried herbs for later.
6.  ..for my online friends, their support means so much.
7.  ..for my husband's job, that he loves.
8.  ..for cats that run to me for a little love.
9.  ..for my fantastic buyers that visit my shops.
10. .that I was given my Mimi's sewing machine.
11. .for all of my gazillion "hobbies".
12. .for great movies to enjoy.
13. .for the Turkey already in the freezer.
14. .for a little rain (no matter how light)
15. .for a yummy cheeseburger.
16. .that moving our fence is done.
17. .that I have survived another year.
18. .for the Holidays.
19. .for puppies (and kitties, too).
20. .for the beautiful weather.
21. .my new Crepe Myrtle Trees.
22. .that I am done with physical therapy.
23. .my back is better.
24. .for my first cup of coffee in the morning.
25. .the beautiful sunsets.
26. .for freedom of speech.
27. .to have been born after in the invention of air conditioning.
28. .for the cute little ladybugs that visit my garden.
29. .for new people that I meet along my journey.
30. .that sometimes the mail man brings surprises-great and small.

Wednesday, October 26


Ok, I relaxed my arm and did not tense up before getting my flu shot.....This one hurt!  My arm is still sore and it was hard to sleep on it last night.

I had to wait a few weeks to get my shot because I caught the flu and ran fever.  The only upside to the flu was that I lost a few pounds!  Downside, I missed Physical Therapy and had to extend it.

Tuesday, October 25

Dancing Rainbows...

Don't be Blue

You won't be blue when you see the prism from this beautiful 30mm, 30% leaded, faceted Swarovski crystal ball.
This exciting Sun Catcher is a beautiful blend of Reds, Aquas and Blues.

One of the many beautiful creations made by Dancing Rainbows on Zibbet.


Isn't it amazing how we see things.....

If we are single, we see only couples around us.  If we are longing to have children, we notice every baby around us.  If our adult kids are distant, we see every mother/daughter shopping and laughing every where we go.  It is hard to remember that how we perceive these images is totally biased by our thoughts and feelings.

“Recovery is about more than walking away. Sometimes it means learning to stay and deal. It’s about building and maintaining relationships that work. – Melody Beattie

Wednesday, October 12

Z Box Samplers

ZBOX Sampler Box
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Friday, September 23

Need more color in my life....

I have so much catching up to do!  This time of year is always so busy.  I have so many fall and Halloween projects started and many more still stuck in the old brain.

<---This past WEDNESDAY was wear purple for Alzheimer Disease Day.  I wore purple to honor my Grandmother that is no longer with us.  I am grateful that my husband's father, my parents, Aunts, Uncles are healthy and unaffected by this terrible disease. 
  Another Busy Day outside...........We planted two Tuscarora Crepe Myrtle Trees on the side of the house.  This isn't my photo------------>  But one day they will be as beautiful as this one is.   We forgot what hard work it was to dig, dig and dig for hours.   Two pots wide and one pot deep sounds easy until you start digging.  They are all tucked in for the night with tons of water and a blanket of mulch on top.  My PT exercises are done for the night and I am getting ready for the season premiere of Fringe at 8pm.

Wednesday, August 31

AF...Front Page "Dinner at Eight"

Artfire Front Page

Saving Water and Money

With water too precious to waste ...Don't forget to check your water meter outside your house every once and a while.  Makes sure the dishwasher or ice maker isn't running or anyone using water at the time.

Even the tiniest leak will show water usage (ours has a tiny little red triangle that moves back and forth).  I heard that familiar leaking sound and turned off the water supply at the toilet and off to Lowes for a new fill valve.  A little patience is all that is needed to get the job done and a few tools too.

Tuesday, August 30

The Zibbet Blog Feature

I am so excited that my interview is up on the Zibbet Blog today!!!

The hardest part was...taking photos of myself!  Here is the picture that I sent in.  I was being silly with my mannequin (yes I am standing and she is over 6 feet tall).

If you have a Zibbet Shop or have thought of opening one...Please, stop by and leave me a comment!  Haven't heard of Zibbet???  Check out all of the features and the best part of the site....the PEOPLE. 

Sunday, August 28

Rainbow Connection

I have had the song "Rainbow Connection" stuck in my head all afternoon....
Judy of Portable Graffiti makes these adorable large 2.25" rainbow magnets and sells them in her Portable Graffiti Zibbet Shop.  I don't know how many button machines she owns....But, her variety and prices can't be beat. She is a great person to work with and if you need any custom work done.  She has Graphic and proofreading services available in her other Zibbet Shops.

Stack of 22 Magnets in the colors of the rainbow


Friday, August 19

12-1/2 more days in August

I cannot wait for August to be over with.... Record Heat, dry lawns and a wicked fire that claimed 15 homes about a mile away.

Car repairs, flat tire and my sewing machines are in the shops.  I have my fingers crossed that they can be repaired.  This is the first time in over 30 years I am without a machine.  I would say I am on a sewing vacation--but, my back has been out all week and xrays and physical therapy are in not my idea of a vacation.  Xrays showed something that looks like a kidney stone.  After a trip to the Dr., he thinks it might be a calcification... that is better than a stone

I am blaming this all on August!!!  I am looking forward to September, when everything will be all better (and that is my story and I'm sticking to it). 

I hope your August is nothing like mine!!!

Wednesday, July 27

Cool Summer Jewels

Leta has so many pieces of jewelry to delight every taste and pocketbook.  Her main shop is on Artfire and she is currently adding new pieces to her Zibbet Shop.  Stop in her shop,  do a little shopping and visit her on facebook.

Monday, July 25

This is your life...

This was shared on Plurk and wanted to share it here.  I don't know where it came from...But, the message is meant to be shared.

Sunday, July 24


Poison Ivy can really spoil the summer....Rose of Walk in the Woods LLC has a great product for Ivy Itch.  Don't forget to pick up some Sweet Birch Lip Balm to soothe those dry summer lips.  She sells on Artfire and Zibbet.  Stop by Facebook   or read about all her on her blog.  You will be inspired by nature too!

Time doesn't heal all wounds

Love crosses every boundary,  even over the brick walls that people construct to keep loved ones out. 
But, when substance abuse is involved,  then that becomes their first love.  A week does not go by without at least one disastrous story that ends in tragedy.  From a boy that values his family so little that he killed his parents so he can party in their home, to a singer that was proud to state that she would end up dead in a ditch on fire.  These people surrounds themselves with friends that do not set any limits for themselves or their friends that they claim to care about.  No one is surprised by the outcome and then the crowd moves on to the next "IT" person until they expire. What low expectations these individuals placed upon themselves.  Life is hard and we need to pull together, not apart. I am truly sad for the loved ones that tried to stay involved in that persons life only to be pushed away, verbally abused and ignored.

The old saying that only happens in bad families...I am afraid that it has crossed into loving & good families too.  I was reading that the baby boomer generation will be the first generation in history that will be alone when they are very old.  The entitled generation is walking away from families in alarming numbers.  Families are give and take, they show up and give you a nudge or soft boot when you need it.  In turn, you do what you can for them too.  Do your children's friends keep close contact with their families and encourage yours to distance yourself from their  family?  I had a friend in JR High that did that and eventually I grew up a little and saw what she was trying to do. 

If you were neglected or unloved for even a second... I would understand estrangement...but, why silence???  Toxic relationships are not being told no or sorry we don't have the money right now.  There are parents that are in a drunken stooper, no food or clean clothes and even more that I don't want to think of  children being subjected to.  I know this is hard for people that do not have this disconnected relationship to understand.  It is torture for the person experiencing it.  Why don't you try?  What happened?  These are the logical questions by well meaning people, but unfortunately the answers are only known with the person that refuses to talk or listen. From what I have read in the estrangement appears to be a power issue.

If you have estrangement in your life, I thought I would pass some helpful links on, if anyone is searching for.... WHY?  I have seen a few articles that suggest "making a new family",  what happens when that family is imperfect?  Dump them and find new people?   I do not believe the solution is running away or ignoring anyone that crosses you.  A great blog to visit:  estrangedfamilies (Wordpress) , this blog has so many great, inspiring posts for Parents, Adult Children and Grandparents. Scroll down the page and find a post that is relevent to your needs and there is a link on the left hand side for older posts too.  Another site for Adult Parents is This tab is "Stages" and Resources:

I hope you find the inner peace that you seek and hope that this post will help you heal and let go.

Saturday, July 23

I'm on the FP of Artfire!!!

Daisies and Bumblebees

I only wish I had Dancin' nanners like on plurk.  This beautiful FP Collection was curated by SagesCupboard

Friday, July 22

The Last Space Shuttle

I just can't imagine a time without the space program.  Back in the early days when our TV's were black and white with 2 channels, it has always been there.  As a nation we all watched together, it was something we shared.  Our love of adventure and the unknown reached into each of our living rooms and held us spellbound.

--This is the Friendship7 that lifted off  14th of February 1962 (I was only 4, so I don't remember if this was the first flight I saw televised. I am sure that we watched it take off into space and the splashdown).  I do remember being worried that astronauts would drown in the capsule before the people would get them out.  The capsule did not sink and they were just fine.  

Years passed and many successful and some tragic accidents later, we landed on the Moon in 1969,  our TV's had rabbit ear antennas and lots of static (but it was free).  Our picture was not clear like this shot, but we were happy to get a peak and be able to hear even part of the conversation between Nasa and the Astronauts.  I walked outside after watching the landing and looked at the moon and could not imagine that there really people on the moon.  

In 1992, my daughter and I went on a class field trip to the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi.  It was a fun day, the employees had so many things to show the kids.  They had a lot of questions for them. I could not believe the size of the rocket booster....Those are adults and kids in front of it.  It was really amazing.

Shortly after this we moved to Florida and watched all of the Shuttle liftoffs and landings from our backyard.  If I forgot about a landing, those twin sonic booms would get me running outside to catch a glimpse of the shuttle before it landed.

To the last and final shuttle mission, the Atlantis lifted off with the world watching once again.  I tuned into the NASA Channel to watch the take off and again for the landing.  I know there are so many different and opposing sides to the funding of the space program...I will hope that at another time, we will reach out to the stars again.

Wednesday, July 20

Scratch another thing off the to do list...

I have wanted to change out the door knobs for a while now.  The front door did not have a lock, just a knob.  They were on sale at Home Depot... I love saving money.  I have installed many a lock in my day...these were the easiest ones I have ever done.  It only took about 10 minutes after the old knob was out.

New Locks...CHECK!

July is a big Birthday and Anniversary month in the family.  My Grandmother's birthday is tomorrow (she is no longer with us).  She would fly into town for a visit and we would all go to the airport to meet her.  Our daughters loved going to the airport.  Our oldest daughter's birthday is in three days. 

My new Kam Snaps arrived today and I got to finish my new Kitchen Wet Bags (for un papertowels, napkins, cloths).  It hangs off the handle of the stove.  I love the bright Vintage look of the oilcloth.  I also made some in blue with strawberries.

The wetbags, un paper towels, family wipes and kitchen cloths are listed in my Zibbet Shop

Tuesday, July 19

I love fresh flowers, but, they never last long enough!  I put the fresh flower food in the water and changed the water too. 

These are the roses that my hubby brought home for me for our Anniversary on Friday.  I put them in a vase in the bedroom and moved them out to the kitchen to enjoy them the next day.  He was off from work for a couple of days.  We had a great lunch and went swimming at the community pool.  He worked two jobs for so many years and we didn't buy each other anything for occasions that it was a real treat to get flowers and spend time together.

My newest bean plants have invaded the willow tree!  They are the Asian yard long beans or asparagus beans.  I might have to get a stepladder if they climb any higher.

If it were not for this willow tree we would not have any plants this late in July.  With the temps in the 100's for well over a month.  I am so surprised that everything is doing so well. 

Sunday, July 17

Artfire Daily Giveaway ($100)

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Friday, July 1

The long to do list....

I won't say how long the fan has been in the unopened box waiting to be put up.  We had a small fan that was in the house when we bought it and we bought this much bigger one to replace it.

The bedroom is pretty big and needed a larger one.  It is hard enough to sleep through the night with night sweats, the other fan did not even reach my side of the bed...Now, I am a happy lady.

We bought another galvanized container for our tomatoes (in the back) I took this picture last month of our garden. The heat is on and the plants have slowed down a good bit, but still producing some.

The garden is under a willow tree and receive a lot of sunlight for most of the day. It is shaded during the hottest hours by the willow tree.

This day will never come again....

I have been stuck in a rut and trying to break free... Easier said than done.  I have been thinking of part of the Serenity Prayer that my Grandfather decoupaged inside a chest he made for me.  I read it when I was younger and it wasn't until I have been older that I understood the meaning.

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference. 

Wednesday, June 22

New Season of The Big C ....

The 2nd season of THE BIG C premieres Monday, June 27th at 10:30

Laura Linney returns in her Golden Globe® winning role for a new season of The Big C, the hit Showtime Original Series about living… with cancer. After spending most of season one ignoring her illness, Cathy Jamison has decided to fight back. “Bring it on,” says Cathy, as she enters an experimental clinical trial while continuing to live life to the fullest in this heartfelt and surprising comedy.

Season ONE on The Big C:
Upon learning about her illness, Cathy decided it was her turn to act up, confronting her immature husband, spoiled son and her selectively homeless and wildly outspoken brother. She formed new, unlikely bonds with her grouchy neighbor Marlene, saucy student Andrea and neurotic friend Rebecca. She also decided to forgo treatment and live her life to the fullest each day. But once the truth came out about her diagnosis and Marlene suddenly took her own life, Cathy changed her mind. The first season ended with Cathy submitting to a grueling experimental treatment whose outcome is far from certain.

Wednesday, June 8

Lost Posts

I had hoped that my blog posts would return from the Bermuda Triangle.....But, I can see they are long gone now!
I have been up to my eyebrows in fabric...cutting and sewing eco towels for my Zibbet Shop .  The have soft flannel on one side and a light weight terry cloth on the other side.  The benefits of a lighter weight terry is that it dries a lot quicker than a regular wash cloth.  I am also making unpaper towels and assorted wipes.
I have never been a big fan of traditional paper towels and love making eco-friendly, products for my shop. I am sewing some birdseye towels and researching natural dyes.

Saturday, May 7

Happy Mother's Day...

No plans for Mother's Day?   Grab some freebies...

Start off the day with Breakfast......This Mother's Day visit the IKEA restaurant before 11am and enjoy a free breakfast. Enjoy fluffy scrambled eggs served with a side of hash browns, scrumptious bacon plus a hot cup of coffee, all for FREE!  Offer valid Sunday, May 8, 2011. Pricing and participation may vary. One free breakfast per person.
Check for locations here

Lunch.....This mother's Day May 8th all Moms receive 10 free wings at participating Hooters Restaurants. 

Dessert.... For the fourth year in a row, TCBY will offer free frozen yogurt to moms on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 8. Moms will have the choice of their favorite flavors such as popular White Chocolate Mousse, Stawberry or limited time offer Watermelon Sorbet served in a cup or cone.
Check for locations here

......OK, maybe a silly way to spend the day munching on freebies.  Nothing compares with breakfast in bed made by a child.  The extra dark the toast or the big bowl of extra soggy cereal... and the look on the little faces as you enjoy your breakfast (the best moments in life are these).

.......Happy Mother's Day....

Wednesday, May 4

Artfire Daily Giveaway....

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Sunday, May 1

Thank you Ruthie for hosting the giveaway....

We have a winner for the giveaway.  She has been contacted and given her coupon code.
Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway.

Don't forget to check out Ruthie's Blog Rose Works Jewelry  featuring her  beautiful handmade jewelry and more Giveaways. 

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Monday, April 25

My Shop Give Away on Rose Works Jewelry's Blog:

It is my turn to give away something from my Artfire Shop. What am I giving away? $15 in buttons (ABEO- Art Buttons, pinbacks, magnets, bottle openers, badgereels... anything that has a button).

Artist Buttons (ABEO) Regular or Watercolor canvas available in  Pendants, Ornaments, Pinbacks, Magnets.

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Tuesday, April 19

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Mothers and Daughters...

I am not really into "Reality Shows", but...I have been watching the Judds on OWN channel. They have a Therapist that travels with them on the road.  I hope it all works out for them and they get to the heart of it.  A few generations ago, very few people looked at their parents with all this resentment, they grew up and realized that their parents did the best they could. Every family has negative and positive. It is the hardest thing you will ever do and even when you read all the books, you are never prepared for everything.

The Mother/Daughter relationship is a very complex one. Perhaps if we looked at each other with the same understanding as we would give a friend... We could see things through their eyes and let them into our world too.  In this new tech world...more is not more.  Is quality time is a thing of the past?  Really getting to know your family.  Caring enough to put pride aside to listen to one another.  You cannot really know anyone by reading their blog, you are only an observer with your nose pressed up to the glass watching them and it is the emptiest feeling to know you are on the outside looking in.  We all think that it is up to the other person to be what we need, when we need it.  It can be sort of a stand off and no one wins. 

Monday, April 11

Tuesday, April 12th is Free Cone Day,
from Noon to 8pm!

You know what that means... Free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cones for you! And you! And you, and you and you-ou!

New flavors offered in the Scoop Shops:
-Late Night Snack: Inspired by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – Fair Trade Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with a Salty Caramel Swirl & Fudge Covered Potato Chip Clusters (the fudge uses Fair Trade cocoa, too!)
-Bonnaroo Buzz: – Light Coffee & Malt ice creams with Whiskey Caramel swirls & English Toffee pieces. This flavor, inspired by the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, is back by popular demand in Scoop Shops and now available in pints!
-Stephen Colbert’s AmeriCone Dream: Vanilla ice cream with fudge covered waffle cone pieces & a caramel swirl. A long time pint favorite, so popular we made it a scoop shop flavor for the first time this year!
-Clusterfluff: Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Caramel Cluster Pieces, Peanut Butter & Marshmallow Swirls

Friday, April 1

Elizabeth Taylor

With the passing of a legend Elizabeth Taylor...I watched several movies that are in my personal collection and wanted to share the upcoming schedule on TCM.  She was my Mom's favorite actresses (My middle name and my daughter's is Elizabeth, also) 

TCM will be remembering her through her movies:

Secret Ceremony (1968) - Friday April, 1 2011 at 02:00 AM est
Little Women (1949) -  Wed, April 06, 2011 02:45 AM est.

April 10 - Memorial Schedule on TCM:

TCM's tribute will also feature Taylor in such memorable films as the family classics Lassie Come Home (1943) and National Velvet (1944); the delightful comedies Father of the Bride (1950) and Father's Little Dividend (1951); the historical epic Ivanhoe (1952); and the powerful dramas Giant (1956), Raintree County (1957) and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958). Also included is the spy drama Conspirator (1949), with Taylor in her first adult role.

*NOTE*: A TCM programming day begins at 6:00am EST on the calendar day listed and runs to 5:59am EST in the morning on the next day. Hours listed at 12:00am to 5:59am EST in your reminder will be shown on the NEXT calendar day.

Saturday, March 19

Walk in the Woods is featured in Artizen Magazine!

If you don't know Rose of Walk in the Woods LLC already...

Read all about her in the March edition of Artizen Magazine ..about gardens, growth and earthy renaissance women

Rose's feature begins on page 28.....But, this is such a beautiful magazine you will want to read every page!  Don't forget to sign up for the newsletter while you are there.

<-----One of her beautiful handmade journals and Essence Sprays (below) that she offers in her Walk in the Woods Artfire Shop

 Energetic Essence Spray ~ for scent & vibration ~ one fluid ounce

This spray is holistic blend of pure rosewood essential oil and a handcrafted flower essence of wild rose. This combination merges the many warm and loving energies of the heart

Sunday, March 6

Fascinators in the Spotlight

Kate looks so great in all of her fascinators.  The right fascinator or hat complements the outfit and is a great opportunity to add a little whimsy.
It was so sad to see Mickey Rooney testifying about Elder Abuse.  What a brave thing for him to do to speak out.  It is all too common and they suffer in silence and protect their abusive family members.

With the first baby boomers turning 65 this year, people living longer, tougher laws need to be put into place to make sure this does not continue.  Some of us do not have close family members that will care for us and we should be able to be taken care of properly and without fear of abuse.   There are a lot of good facilities out there....but, not everyone can afford the best ones.

Monday, February 28

Happy Birthday....

to my Hubby. A pretty quiet Birthday today. A few well wishers, a cupcake coupon from work and a nice dinner and a movie.

We watched "Secretariat" yesterday. We really enjoyed the extras on the DVD... We are old enough to remember seeing the race live. Secretariat was a beautiful horse and the real footage showed the personality and true spirit that they could not duplicate on film. If you watch him running the last race, pulling ahead of the other horses.... magnificent!