Tuesday, December 28

Do you have any New Years Resolutions?

I am thinking of the new year..... 2011.  I hope it will be a better year than last year.  Resolutions,  I can't think of anything left to give up....
I told my Dr. last month after she asked about vices.  I said " Like Adam Ant said don't drink, don't smoke, what do you do"... I am not sure there is much left to give up.

A large part of my resolution list is usually centered around my online shops.  I make a list of things I would like to  learn, improve or change.  Making a list of what is working, what is not and making some plans for some new things to list in the shops. I have so many thousands of ideas and not enough hours to carry them out.

How about yours??

Tuesday, December 21

Did you see the eclipse?

I tried to stay awake...No luck there. I did get up a few times to check on it, watched for a few minutes and back to bed. I am glad I was younger when I had my kids, I am such a party pooper now. On New Year's Eve when my kids were little, I would wake them up and let them see the ball drop on tv and fireworks in the neighborhood.

Sunday, December 19


Some weeks require more strength than others.  We lost 2 family members this past week.  My Grandpa and the sudden death of one of my younger cousins after surgery.  I have been taking a bit of a break from social networking this week. 

Saturday, December 11

Holiday Movie

Mixed Nuts (1994)

The events focus around a crisis hot line business on one crazy night during the Christmas holidays. 

Classic dance scene with Steve Martin and Liev Schreiber!  Madeline Kahn as Mrs. Munchnik...priceless.

Tuesday, December 7

No Internet..... and this close to Christmas!

Wow....what were you thinking AT&T?  Over 3 days without dsl or landline service.  I have been climbing the walls and called them at least twice a day.  I am thankful that my parents live close by or I was about to pop that metal telephone box and attempt to repair it myself  (talk about a disaster...I don't have a clue!)  I am a crafter and I could create a pretty pattern out of the wires ....(lol).

I addressed my Christmas cards, while waiting for AT&T to do their thing.   Even though it can be really hard during the Holidays for some of us that have lost family members, people that don't really celebrate or loved ones that have grown apart through very little contact.  I am not going to focus on the negatives, I wish things were different, but, you have to let people make their own choices.   We are blessed to have people that want to be in our lives, accepting them for who they are and relaxing our version of how we want them to be and loving them for who they are.  My husband and I have just recently began buying gifts for one another.  Through the years, we saved up our money, worked more hours and bought a family gift or more for the kids instead of ourselves. 

We also included the Angel tree in our Christmas.  The kids picked an ornament from the tree and we all shopped for that needy child.  We thought that it was very important for the children to think of others that are in need.  This year we donated some toys and food to our local food store (HEB).  What a fantastic place to shop!

Are you ready???  Ready or not, it is just around the corner.

The Christmas count down begins....18 days! 

Do you have any hard to shop for people on your list?.....Buy them a Shop Gift Certificate to a Handmade Shop on Artfire, Etsy or Zibbet.  You will be supporting a small home business and giving a quality made gift too!

Wednesday, December 1

Artfire Collection.....

Tuesday, November 30

It isn't the Holidays unless I watch Rudolph....

Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer, you'll go down in History.

Yes, I still watch Christmas cartoons.   I wish my kids were still little!...They loved all the special things that we did for holidays...walking/riding to look at Christmas lights, baking cookies, cartoons, Christmas eve services and decorating for the Holidays.

Saturday, November 27

Small Business Saturday........

Here's a way to support people who make handmade.  There are so many wonderful artisans out there, and in this age of poorly made-mass produced goods, giving someone something handmade is so awesome and supports a small home business as well! It really makes the occasion special and unique.   Please take a moment and look at these shops:
AbsintheDragonfly - ArtFire Artisan Studio
HaffinasMinis - ArtFire Artisan Studio
aislinnseroticjewels - ArtFire Artisan Studio
merigreenleaf - ArtFire Artisan Studio
ManyHorsesJewelrySupply - ArtFire Artisan Studio
TheBeadedBranch - ArtFire Artisan Studio
pegasussoaps - ArtFire Artisan Studio
auntifranni - ArtFire Artisan Studio
Nightmaiden - ArtFire Artisan Studio
MzzThang - ArtFire Artisan Studio
MothersLove - ArtFire Artisan Studio
FantasyClay - ArtFire Artisan Studio
EmilyClaireCreations - ArtFire Artisan Studio
ThunderMoonDesigns - ArtFire Artisan Studio
WhisperingWoods - ArtFire Artisan Studio
DsignsofAvalon - ArtFire Artisan Studio
ColtPixy - ArtFire Artisan Studio
Wooleycreek - ArtFire Artisan Studio
CharSpirit - ArtFire Artisan Studio
GypsyGoods - ArtFire Artisan Studio
StudioDTQ - ArtFire Artisan Studio
ShinyAdornments - ArtFire Artisan Studio
DerondaDesigns - ArtFire Artisan Studio
smiss00 - ArtFire Artisan Studio
CatsWire - ArtFire Artisan Studio
SassyClayCreations - ArtFire Artisan Studio
CWinspirations - ArtFire Artisan Studio
intothedawn - ArtFire Artisan Studio
CrysallisCreations - ArtFire Artisan Studio
JewelledTrellis - ArtFire Artisan Studio
SilverRiverJewelry - ArtFire Artisan Studio
WillowWalkerDesigns - ArtFire Artisan Studio
MadelinesWardrobe - ArtFire Artisan Studio
gundowerks - ArtFire Artisan Studio
Sewhappydesigns - ArtFire Artisan Studio
C Newcomb Woodworking - Artfire Artisan Studio 
cymberrain -  Artfire Artisan Studio
ignisfatuus - Artfire Artsan Studio
GlasstasticTreasures - Artfire Artsan Studio
madelineswardrobe - Artfire Artsan Studio

(List borrowed from Michelle and Franni)

Wednesday, November 24

Thanksgiving Movie List

With all the preparations for the holidays.... Don't forget to add a little laughter!   We have scaled down the dishes that require 23 steps and your first born child.   We have a turkey breast (bones and meat for gumbo the next day) veggies and several sides and less clean up (a win-win).
List of  Thanksgiving  Movies:
Home for the Holidays  (I watch it every year... love it!)
Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Indian Summer
Pieces of April
A Time to Remember
Hannah and her Sisters
The Ice Storm
Alice's Restaurant
The Big Chill

Wednesday, November 17

Me and My Mom...

Yes,  she was young (only 17).   In second grade my teacher said that she wanted to speak to my mom...and  she said "But, I am her mother".

Monday, November 15

Being Thankful and Thoughtful....

I LOVE the Holidays and everything that goes along with it.   Thanksgiving and Christmas is only 40 Days away...Even closer is the mailing date for packages. I have always used my Dad's Birthday (Dec. 09th) as the last to mail packages. We always lived far from family, but, worked hard to stay in touch through small gifts, letters and cards. I kinda miss the days of the handwritten letter and all the little surprises that it may contain. A new photo, a simple drawing or just the message...you were thought of today!  I sure wish I were still able to write or call my Grandmother (I miss her).

I will admit that with all the stuff that I am behind on doing for my shops...I don't make enough time to send cards to those who do not use computers. We all have them in our family, that one card would make a difference in their world. A VERY small moment out of our day is all is required. I am always amazed when I see people that will jump on every cause involving strangers. Don't get me wrong, they are important! Very important. But, don't forget those in your family or community that may not have any family near or have been forgotten. They may not even let on how alone they are. When I worked as a type of vendor in stores, I would look up at the customers from the near by retirement apartments and say hello. So many would look surprised to be spoken to. They were so used to going to the pharmacy and picking up a couple of food items and leaving the store without any human interaction. A simple "Hello" isn't too much to expect from humanity.

This holiday we will be looking into our own community to share a little love. I would love to be close to my grown children, but, that is not possible. I am lucky to still have my parents and a warm place to live. We have a coupon for a whole turkey that we will see if we can share with the local senior center. One turkey breast and maybe a little ham is enough for us. I am thankful for all the people in my life (those that are here and those who cannot be here).
One of my favorite songs
In My Life
Written by: Lennon-McCartney Recorded: 18, 22 October 1965
There are places I'll remember
All my life, though some have changed
Some forever, not for better
Some have gone and some remain
All these places had their moments
With lovers and friends, I still can recall
Some are dead and some are living
In my life, I've loved them all

But of all these friends and lovers
There is no one compares with you
And these memories lose their meaning
When I think of love as something new
Though I know I'll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I'll often stop and think about them
In my life, I'll love you more

Though I know I'll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I'll often stop and think about them
In my life, I'll love you more

Monday, November 8

Cold Frame for the tomato plants

I thought I would post a picture of the frame Hubby and I made for the garden.  We put a tarp over the pvc frame on the cold nights.  I am not sure how long it will extend the growing season...It will be interesting to find out.  We have quite a few green tomatoes still on the plants.  

Sunday, November 7

Angel Food Ministeries

Amy (aka Mamas Little Monkeys, Badge Reels, Destash City, Micromops...... just to name a few of her shops).  She plurked this morning reminding everyone about Angel Food Ministeries....
I thought I would add a post about this wonderful place.  It is NOT about a religion ..It is NOT Charity (it IS a helping hand with putting food on the table)
If you are struggling....
If you know of someone that needs a hand ....(Please share the link)
Angel Food Ministeries

Wednesday, November 3

Giving Thanks....




Think Pink...........



I had a Breast Biopsy Tuesday afternoon and spent the day in bed today resting. All the beautiful handmade "Think Pink" creations featured in October (breast awareness month) inspired me to go get my mammogram over with. I had skipped 3 years and had to go back for a detailed scans and return for a Stereotactic (Mammographically Guided) Breast Biopsy. Several small calcifications were removed to be biopsied. So, if you put it off.......Please don't put it off any longer!  Early detection is important!!!

Update: Finally, got the call from the Doctors office (tomorrow will be 2 weeks).  She said the report says the calcifications are benign.  She wants me to go to a breast surgeon just to be on the safe side and mamo at 6 months.

Sunday, October 24

What's my favorite thing about having online shops....???

The opportunity to meet new people through their shops and blogs. A very prominent member of the Zibbet Community is Judy of  Portable Graffiti , Portable Graffiti Graphics , Wild Goose Chase and Proofreader (her 4 Zibbet Shops) was so kind to feature my newest listing on her blog:


As you can tell she is a very busy lady and still makes the time everyday to post and help out in the Zibbet Community.  I know, I really appreciate all the time she takes to help in the forums.  She was one of the first people to greet me in the Zibbet Community.  I have learned so much from her posts and appreciate her kind and warm tone that she gives to the community.  That is what I think sets Zibbet apart from some of the other online places.

Judy has a something for everyone: 
Graphics, collectibles, buttons and proofreading.  Her variety of goods and services in her Zibbet Shops cannot be beat and very reasonable prices, too. 
Portable Graffiti

Over 2,000 Buttons..... Something for Everyone

Portable Graffiti Graphics

Graphic Design - Shop Banners - Web Ads - Brochures - Business Cards

Wild Goose Chase 

Wild Goose Chase - Vintage Goods - Crafts - Cards - Supplies- Oddities


Can't spell? Hate writing?  My proofreading service has low prices and is broken down into categories of the pages on your Zibbet shop.


Friday, October 8

John's 70th Birthday....

It is hard to believe he only lived 40 years.... Imagine what he would have accomplished by 70.

Thursday, September 30

So much to do....

 LAST DAY over on Artfire to sign up for the group rate of 5.95 a month...It goes up tomorrow. 

I love this time of year...
The air turns cooler and we can start taking walks again (We have to stay inside most of the day in the hot Texas summers and I miss walking).   Hubby gets up early and we are in bed early or we would walk at night.

Hubby has tomatoes and green beans in our fall garden and I am super busy with sewing, jewelry and buttons. I will need to live until I am 150 to get it all done!
One of my newest listings on Artfire...My Fall Goddess Bib necklace

I added all of the Artfire Collections to my blog on Artfire...Thank you to those of you that have added one of my items to your collections...I am blessed to have some fantastic people that unselfishly spread the love of handmade goods.

Wednesday, September 29

A Passion for Purple