Sunday, May 30

The heat is on...

I wanted more time to get the outside stuff done before it arrived. We did finish the little garden bed and the plants are all happy.

I have once again pulled everything out of one of the rooms that I shoot my shop photos and store all my pretties. I am redoing the backdrop, lighting and displays. I know, I know...this will be the charm. I have to believe that!

If you haven't read Alterityart's photography tips...She has the best shop pictures!

I am reading her posts again and more about sites about cameras, lighting...I am doing something wrong. My chokers don't look detailed at all in my current photos. I hand bead black on black (that has been so hard to get it right. I have two cameras and it seems that when I change the settings and think it will solve it my problems :( (how can they look worse!) I have a Fuji S700 and an Olympus C5050. I can take decent outside photos, but my product photos....well, suck! I have ordered a 10x macro to add to the existing macro. I have dragged out the light box again. I will not give up....I might drive myself crazy (that is not a far trip! lol)