Saturday, March 19

Walk in the Woods is featured in Artizen Magazine!

If you don't know Rose of Walk in the Woods LLC already...

Read all about her in the March edition of Artizen Magazine ..about gardens, growth and earthy renaissance women

Rose's feature begins on page 28.....But, this is such a beautiful magazine you will want to read every page!  Don't forget to sign up for the newsletter while you are there.

<-----One of her beautiful handmade journals and Essence Sprays (below) that she offers in her Walk in the Woods Artfire Shop

 Energetic Essence Spray ~ for scent & vibration ~ one fluid ounce

This spray is holistic blend of pure rosewood essential oil and a handcrafted flower essence of wild rose. This combination merges the many warm and loving energies of the heart

Sunday, March 6

Fascinators in the Spotlight

Kate looks so great in all of her fascinators.  The right fascinator or hat complements the outfit and is a great opportunity to add a little whimsy.
It was so sad to see Mickey Rooney testifying about Elder Abuse.  What a brave thing for him to do to speak out.  It is all too common and they suffer in silence and protect their abusive family members.

With the first baby boomers turning 65 this year, people living longer, tougher laws need to be put into place to make sure this does not continue.  Some of us do not have close family members that will care for us and we should be able to be taken care of properly and without fear of abuse.   There are a lot of good facilities out there....but, not everyone can afford the best ones.