Tuesday, December 28

Do you have any New Years Resolutions?

I am thinking of the new year..... 2011.  I hope it will be a better year than last year.  Resolutions,  I can't think of anything left to give up....
I told my Dr. last month after she asked about vices.  I said " Like Adam Ant said don't drink, don't smoke, what do you do"... I am not sure there is much left to give up.

A large part of my resolution list is usually centered around my online shops.  I make a list of things I would like to  learn, improve or change.  Making a list of what is working, what is not and making some plans for some new things to list in the shops. I have so many thousands of ideas and not enough hours to carry them out.

How about yours??

Tuesday, December 21

Did you see the eclipse?

I tried to stay awake...No luck there. I did get up a few times to check on it, watched for a few minutes and back to bed. I am glad I was younger when I had my kids, I am such a party pooper now. On New Year's Eve when my kids were little, I would wake them up and let them see the ball drop on tv and fireworks in the neighborhood.

Sunday, December 19


Some weeks require more strength than others.  We lost 2 family members this past week.  My Grandpa and the sudden death of one of my younger cousins after surgery.  I have been taking a bit of a break from social networking this week. 

Saturday, December 11

Holiday Movie

Mixed Nuts (1994)

The events focus around a crisis hot line business on one crazy night during the Christmas holidays. 

Classic dance scene with Steve Martin and Liev Schreiber!  Madeline Kahn as Mrs. Munchnik...priceless.

Tuesday, December 7

No Internet..... and this close to Christmas!

Wow....what were you thinking AT&T?  Over 3 days without dsl or landline service.  I have been climbing the walls and called them at least twice a day.  I am thankful that my parents live close by or I was about to pop that metal telephone box and attempt to repair it myself  (talk about a disaster...I don't have a clue!)  I am a crafter and I could create a pretty pattern out of the wires ....(lol).

I addressed my Christmas cards, while waiting for AT&T to do their thing.   Even though it can be really hard during the Holidays for some of us that have lost family members, people that don't really celebrate or loved ones that have grown apart through very little contact.  I am not going to focus on the negatives, I wish things were different, but, you have to let people make their own choices.   We are blessed to have people that want to be in our lives, accepting them for who they are and relaxing our version of how we want them to be and loving them for who they are.  My husband and I have just recently began buying gifts for one another.  Through the years, we saved up our money, worked more hours and bought a family gift or more for the kids instead of ourselves. 

We also included the Angel tree in our Christmas.  The kids picked an ornament from the tree and we all shopped for that needy child.  We thought that it was very important for the children to think of others that are in need.  This year we donated some toys and food to our local food store (HEB).  What a fantastic place to shop!

Are you ready???  Ready or not, it is just around the corner.

The Christmas count down begins....18 days! 

Do you have any hard to shop for people on your list?.....Buy them a Shop Gift Certificate to a Handmade Shop on Artfire, Etsy or Zibbet.  You will be supporting a small home business and giving a quality made gift too!

Wednesday, December 1

Artfire Collection.....