Wednesday, November 9

Zibbet Blog feature

Zibbet featured zibbeter walkinthewoodsllc

This week we have a treat for you as you will see when you read about Walk In The Woods LLC. Rose has a shop full of spirited gifts inspired by nature.

Her devotion to Mother Nature is clearly evident in her art, notebooks, jewelry, spirit cords, sculpture and botanicals. She is an herbalist, artist, healer, and priestess of the wild, but she’d like you to just call her Rose....... Read the rest of her interview on The Zibbet Blog

Friday, November 4

November...A Month to be Thankful

What a great idea!  I borrowed this from friends to post something that they are thankful for each day!  I have so many people and pets that I am so thankful for, some are not in my life right now because of death-crossing over, or for unknown reasons.  I would always chose my children first on my list of the things I am the most thankful for...But, this is a list to write daily. It is my early resolution to try and embrace everyday and stop living in the past so much. It has been so hard for me to move forward.  I know that is why I love time travel movies so much.  Imagine, you could go back and give your Grandmother one more hug and sit down for one last talk or play in the backyard with your kids and kiss them goodnight one more time.  So, I thought I would post something current that I am thankful for each day.
I am Thankful:
1.  ..for the people in my life that love me just the way I am.
2.  ..that I have a home and do not have to sleep on the streets .
3.  ..that my Mammogram came back "normal" today.
4.  ..for my hubby who brings me breakfast in bed on his days off.
5.  ..for my garden...I just cut and dried herbs for later.
6.  ..for my online friends, their support means so much.
7.  ..for my husband's job, that he loves.
8.  ..for cats that run to me for a little love.
9.  ..for my fantastic buyers that visit my shops.
10. .that I was given my Mimi's sewing machine.
11. .for all of my gazillion "hobbies".
12. .for great movies to enjoy.
13. .for the Turkey already in the freezer.
14. .for a little rain (no matter how light)
15. .for a yummy cheeseburger.
16. .that moving our fence is done.
17. .that I have survived another year.
18. .for the Holidays.
19. .for puppies (and kitties, too).
20. .for the beautiful weather.
21. .my new Crepe Myrtle Trees.
22. .that I am done with physical therapy.
23. .my back is better.
24. .for my first cup of coffee in the morning.
25. .the beautiful sunsets.
26. .for freedom of speech.
27. .to have been born after in the invention of air conditioning.
28. .for the cute little ladybugs that visit my garden.
29. .for new people that I meet along my journey.
30. .that sometimes the mail man brings surprises-great and small.