Wednesday, July 30

New distractions...Entrecard

I have signed up for another thing that I need to figure out exactly how it works....

Blogs, social networking, groups, websites (parked & waiting for me to work on them).
...How much is too much?
-Forgetting to eat lunch
-Going to bed and realizing that you have not "created anything" in days

Gee, I thought life got easier the older you get...
I guess it all depends on if you push yourself away from the computer desk.....
I need a

Tuesday, July 15

New handmade large clothespin bags

Large sized Cloth Clothespin Bags
12 inches high x 11 inches wide
Sturdy double layered fused 100% cotton fabric.
Green: Tropical Tropics
Ivory: Cocktail Party

Tuesday, July 8

Growing leeks

After a trip to our local grocery store where I purchased leeks to cook with lunch. I cleaned, sliced and put some in the fridge for the next meal. My husband said "I'll bet if I plant the ends, they will grow"....The leeks did not even have very many tiny roots on the bottom...So, I really did not think they had a chance.

Well, negative thinking Nellie was wrong! They are growing. The deeper that you plant leeks, the more white will grow. I cut off the tops (like with green onions and right before winter I pull up the bulb. The small leaves are very tender when they are small. I use leaks in soup or anything that you use onions for. They are milder in flavor than most onions.

My plants have managed to stay alive despite very little rain and hot weather (TX). It is not July or August yet! I raise plants in large planters with lots of soil on my deck. Tomatoes, green onions, herbs and these crazy beans (asparagus beans) that seem like they grow at least 4 inches a day.

Tuesday, July 1

Kitchen Magic...Sprouting seeds.

I saw this neat sprouter on Martha Stewart and I sent it to my daughter. It came from Johnny's Selected Seeds. All of Johnny's high-germination sprouting seeds are untreated and have tested negative for the presence of E. coli 0157 and Salmonella. Most are certified organic, designated by the OG symbol. Organically grown

BIOSET Kitchen Salad Garden Kit
Start growing fresh sprouts!In this kit, the Bioset is combined with three different 1/4 lb. bags of sprout seed. Experience a wide range of flavors with the crunchy, mild flavor of Mung Bean sprouts, the slightly spicy, unique flavor of Broccoli sprouts, and the sharp, spicy taste of China Rose Radish sprouts. Makes a great gift.

I can't wait to see how she likes it.
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