Monday, February 28

Happy Birthday....

to my Hubby. A pretty quiet Birthday today. A few well wishers, a cupcake coupon from work and a nice dinner and a movie.

We watched "Secretariat" yesterday. We really enjoyed the extras on the DVD... We are old enough to remember seeing the race live. Secretariat was a beautiful horse and the real footage showed the personality and true spirit that they could not duplicate on film. If you watch him running the last race, pulling ahead of the other horses.... magnificent!

Monday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day...

Gotta love Maxine!

I love Valentine's Day, bright colors, beauty of flowers and chocolate. 
The day is about love for friends, sweethearts, family or animals.  
YOU are loved! 

Wednesday, February 9

Rainbow Rose

I was watching the view this morning and they were talking about rainbow roses. I had never seen them before.
From a florist website:
Each rose petal reflects a vibrant color and comes together to form a mulit-colored rose. Perfect for vegas style events and special occasion parties, the Rainbow Roses are harvested and custom dyed for you just prior to shipping.

You can't improve on Mother Nature...But, they are interesting!

Monday, February 7


Don't you just love vintage cards? This one would be great for a card or collage.