Wednesday, December 31

Sunday, December 28


Bath Tea Gift Set Can't decide? Pick three to try out or or stock up on your favourite! Perfect for small gifts for co-workers, or put all three in a basket for a larger gift.....
Long Day Gift Set For the one in your life who works hard and feels it at the end of the day. One jar of my Long Day Working Bath Salts, one bottle of my Long Day Fighting Bruise and Muscle Rub, and one bottle of my Ma Cobb's Joint Liniment...

Wednesday, December 24

Crispy fried bacon....

I just could not resist....
In dropping EntreCards this morning, I saw this on The JunkDrawer
Site for all the Bacon goodness:

Click here to see MyGypsygoods blog covered in bacon
For those of us low-carbers.........ENJOY!!!
My apologies to Fluttering Designs...(for covering her beautiful creations in bacon)...
I hope she is not vegan!

Thursday, December 18

Featured: Fluttering Designs

From Flutteringdesigns Etsy Shop:
Purple and Gold Necklace
purple glass beads with a hint of copper sparkle and a gorgeous gold plated filigree flower pendant with a small clear stone in the center. Length: 20" from clasp to clasp Pendant: approximately 1.5" x 1.5"

Purple and Gold earrings
These beautiful earrings will add just the right amount of sparkle to your wardrobe. Made with glass flower, glass diamond and gold filigree rectangular beads attached to gold head pins and suspended from graduated lengths of gold chain.

Wednesday, December 17

I just signed up on Artfire

ArtFire - Buy Handmade - Sell Handmade

If you have been thinking of signing up for Artfire...
Please, please use my "gypsygoods" Link.
I added it to my right sidebar, too. I signed up through one of my Team members links and I was hoping that I would be able to find 10 friends that would help me out.

Artfire is $7 a month (for a limited time and then the price goes up).
If you are renewing your listings everyday on Etsy (It really adds up fast or if you have ever had your own website, the carts and hosting is much more than that)...I was interested as soon as I saw a screenshots of all of the stats that they provide.

From their website:

Verified Members Get Unlimited Listings with Zero Fees
Our verified status is a great deal at the normal price of US $20.00/month.
You’ll get all of the functionality of a website with great features like stats, your own sub-domain name, currency conversions and much more.

For life? Really? As long as you don't stop your monthly subscription your monthly cost is US $7.00 a month - forever. If you suspend service that price will not be available anymore. But the recurring fee if you stay with us will always be US $7.00 per month.

I am thinking of a creative bribe here for the referrals...maybe a prize/PIFs would be in order for those of you that add me GypsyGoods as your referral and sign up with a verified account.
...What do you think??? ...What would it take?
What kind of pretties? ...Buttons??? ... Earrings??? ...Gift certificate to my shops??? I make a wide variety of things...I will have to put my thinking cap on... Give me some ideas!
I will keep checking for referral credits and if you have used my shop and I don't see it..Please contact me! I have heard that it takes some time to get the credit (they verify that it is a real shop first).
...Leave a comment here on my blog or
convo me (Alteredevents or GypsyGoods)
Send me a message on Artfire (GypsyGoods)!!!

Monday, December 15

Featured: The Filigree Garden

The peaceful colors in this handmade ceramic pendant inspire a sense of zen-like calm. Aqua blues, lime green and jonquil yellows float over its textured surface and are reflected in the coordinating beads that wind up the vintage brass chain. Aqua twist oval glass beads are vintage; small rounds and translucent yellow flowers are Czech glass. A one-of-a-kind design.

Necklace measures almost 19" (48.25 cm) without the pendant, which is 1 3/8" (3.5 cm) in diameter. Necklace closes with a small brass-toned toggle clasp. Necklace can be shortened if desired. Please contact me when purchasing if you need a different length.

Pendant was handmade by Maine artisan Winchell Clay Works.
Magical and ethereal flowers bloom in the faerie garden. This handmade polymer clay flower pod pendant drips with dew made of silver-wrapped Czech glass beads in amethyst and clear vintage Czech crystals. The pod's stem is made of a pewter melon bead and wrapped sterling wire. A flowery antique silver toggle clasp blooms just above the pod.

Vining up from the pendant are Czech glass leaves and flowers in green with an AB shimmer, small Czech rounds in olivine with silver petal caps, a silver toned metal flower bead, and very unique rectangular, floral Czech glass beads in a blue-raspberry hue. The garden is suspended from a delicate sterling chain.

Necklace measures 18" (45 cm) to the clasp. The pendant drops down another 2" (5 cm).

Polymer clay flower pendant is handmade by Zuda Gay at Etsy.

Absolutely one-of-a-kind!

Friday, December 12

Etsy Seller: TulipsTreasure Box

PETALS He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, He Loves Me...Reversible Necklace
.....Beautiful multi-color blue/green/black "petals" completely surround the outer circumference of the 17" necklace.
Unique Jewelry Designed and Created for Women


(From her shop description).......This Double Strand Green Apple and White Crystal Pearl Necklace, with the Delicious Green Apple Vintage Glass Clasp reminds of this unique, clean, natural, fresh crispness.


Wednesday, December 10

Featured: Rosita's Coffee House Necklace

Rose Works Jewelry Etsy Shop:
Do you have some one that loves, loves coffee?
Check out Rosita's Coffee House Necklace...with FREE Earrings in Rose Works Jewelry Shop.
From her shop listing:
This necklace has been a long time in the making and it's become very special to me! The pendant is a resin pendant made with real coffee beans! It's surrounded by a variety of wooden beads and 4 lampwork beads made to look just like coffee beans.

The earrings come FREE with the necklace :)

The necklace is approximately 18 inches long and the pendant adds another inch and a half in length. The earrings are approximately 1 3/4 inches long.

Pink Delight Bracelet

Saturday, December 6

It's Whats On The Inside...that counts the most

Thank You..
Deep Blue C for adding my body Parts buttons to your fantastic treasury!

Etsy Teams

Are you an Etsy seller?
Trying to get exposure for your shop?

Check out the Etsy Team Profiles
and find a team that fits your needs. There are global and local teams....

Check out any groups well before joining. I have all had some negative dealings with individuals selling themselves as honest (Christian) folks. Don't like anyone using God in that manner. I deleted quite a few posts on this blog that were connected a couple that created a group and under the disguise of promoting....cheated people out of their hard earned money. Raising funds for Charity, Surgery and Ad Time and Space.
BE VERY CAREFUL out there....

We should all be there to support one other and not compete with each other (we are all unique and have unique talents and gifts to offer).

Sassa Lynne Treasury

Thank You.... for this fantastic Etsy Treasury and for including my little scrappy soap bags "save our soaps"!

Monday, December 1

Monday, November 24

Thank You...

Thank You everyone for wishing me a Happy Birthday!
I am still catching up on my blogging after taking a week off.   I wanted to let you know that each one of your Birthday wishes was very much appreciated and sorry I am so late it thanking everyone.

Monday, November 10

My Birthday

Your Birthdate: November 17

You tend to find yourself lucky - both in business and in life.

And while being wealthy is nice, you enjoy sharing your abundance with others.

You put your luck to good use: you are very ambitious and goal oriented.

Often times, you get over excited and take on more than you can manage.

Your strength: Your ability to make your own luck
Your weakness: Thinking you can do it all
Your power color: Bronze
Your power symbol: Half Moon
Your power month: August

I have been Tagged

I have been tagged by


I have to tag 7 of you

....I doubt any of you are old enough to remember Romper Room.
I see in my magic mirror:

I chose the list from last nights chat on BlockHeadRadio. Tag.....You're it!

Here is how it works, for those of you unfamiliar with the game:
1. Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.

2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.

3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.

4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

My Seven:
1. Still have my Prom and Wedding dresses in the back of my closet. I can't fit into the prom dress (It is barely a size 5).
2. I have a dry sense of humor (can be mistaken---so I have to watch how it could be taken the wrong way).
3. I have brown eyes
4. I took shorthand and learned to type on a manual (antique type) typewriter.
5. I am not very competitive, I will not step on someone to get ahead.
6. I sew while watching tv, chatting, waiting for stuff to load on the computer and take it with me in the car during wasted time. (Sick lady, aren't I)
7. Sci-Fi Geek (One look at my movie shelf---it is no secret).

I hope those of you that I have chosen have fun creating your list.

Monday, November 3

Freebies for Voters

Get Your Free Coffee at Starbucks Tomorrow (NOV. 04)

Tell the people at Starbucks "I Voted" ...... and they will give you a free cup of coffee!

Starbucks and

Ben and Jerry's

Come to participating scoop shops on November 4th
from 5-8pm,
you'll get a free scoop of ice cream.

Due to possible conflict with election laws in various states, most are not requiring proof of voting. The free offers:

•Coffee. Starbucks expects to hand out "hundreds of thousands" of free 12-ounce drip coffees (valued at about $1.75 each), says spokeswoman Jenny McCabe. "If everyone who votes comes in for a free cup of coffee, we'll have some lines," she says.

•Doughnuts. Some 85 of Krispy Kreme's 231 locations in the U.S. will hand out star-shaped, red-white-and-blue sprinkled doughnuts "while supplies last," says spokesperson Dana Hughens. The chain will give out about 200,000 doughnuts valued at 99 cents each. "People are definitely talking about the brand as a result of this," she says.

•Ice cream. Between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. in each time zone, Ben & Jerry's ice cream shops will hand out single-scoop ice cream cones (a $3.40 value). "What better way to encourage people to be politically active than to give away free ice cream?" asks spokeswoman Liz Brenna.

•Sandwiches. In a local market promotion, several hundred of the nation's 1,400 Chick-fil-A stores will hand out $2.70 chicken sandwiches to adults who show proof that they voted, says spokesman Jerry Johnston.

October..EC "Super Stars"

Dropper # of drops
Scraps of Mind 31
Creative Cafe 30
Kitchen Retro 30
BeadedTail 30
Simply Shiny Artisan Handmade Jewelry 30
On The Bricks 30
Beetle's Memories & Ramblings 30
More Than Sew So 30
Random Ramblings 29
The Virtual Dime Museum 29

Saturday, November 1

Trick or Treating with Friends

This was taken many, many moons ago. I scanned it in from my Mom's photo album, (I am in the middle).

Thursday, October 16

I have been honored TWICE this week...

Thank you,
The desert sky

While I was dropping EntreCards this morning and reading the latest posts, I made a list of 14 blogs....One Set for each award this week.

It was really hard to narrow down a list....
I chose a mixed bag of blogs that feature
Home, History and Handmade EntreEtsians:

If you are one of the recipients and you want to participate, here are the instructions:
  1. A winner can put the logo on his/her blog.
  2. Link to the person from whom you received the award.
  3. Nominate up to 7 other blogs.
  4. Put links to the nominated blogs on your blog.
  5. Leave a message on the nominated blogs.

Thank you to all of the people that are my Ad Sponsors, drop by readers, EC droppers and those who leave comment here....
I "Love" each of you and wish I could award everyone that keeps my blog going!

Monday, October 13


I have all of my Entre cards dropped my noon.....I love it when it works!
I am doing the happy dance!

For honoring my Blog with the "I love your blog" award...
There are so many blogs out there to love...I will need a little time (the holidays have me so swamped.... (I will update my post here with my "love" list later)...

Mystery Ranch's Astrology Blog:
The desert sky
honored me with this award...... Thank You!

Friday, October 10

So Sorry, Entre Card favs:

After a day of crawling speed....I have been trying to catch up on drops all day today and I just received the message

24 hour cooling off period

Sorry everyone!...I am not allowed any more drops.
I am not really sure what happened with EC...

I will return as soon as I can!


Wednesday, October 8

Texas Tough Tomatoes

I planted this "Husky Cherry Red" tomato plant in the early spring. I planted it deep and used extra large sized containers. The plant is covered in tiny tomatoes. We pick a large handful every day from only one plant. My sweet 100's that I have planted in other states...are just not tough enough for Texas...but, the Husky cherry red are!

Tuesday, October 7

Bike trailers...plans

Build your own cart......
FREE PLANS... here
(from their blog):
The plans are free to anyone that wants them, but.
If we email you plans, will you:

1. Tell us what you are using the bicycle trailer for
2. Send us photos of the bicycle trailer you build
3. Tell us how to improve the instructions or the trailer
4. Accept that we might post your email on our blog

Friday, October 3

Grab some discounts:

We can all use some extra discounts at the register. Here are just a few online coupons that are out there:
In Store
Michaels Art and Crafts
20% off your entire regular priced purchase
Valid: October 02, 2008 through October 11, 2008

In Store & online

40% any one regular priced item
September 21-Sat. October 04, 2008

Joann fabric and craft stores
Online only
Use promotion code SAD278
for free standard shipping on your order of $35 or more through Sun., 10/05/08 03:00 AM PDT.*

Hobby Lobby
40% off Coupon
Sept 29-Oct. 04 2008

Tuesday, September 30

My Button code

I just added (far right sidebar---->)
My Gypsygoods Button code.

So, if you want my button...feel free to grab the code and add me to your site!

Thank you
Robin for asking for one.
I hope I did it right!

Friday, September 26

..Thank You..

...(unfolding paper) .... Thank you Christine ... for this wonderful honor.
I love blogging, finding new things to add and wish I had more time to update it. Visiting the EC favs, my groups and checking out my shops is the first thing that I do each morning. I read the blog updates and drop EC's and then start my creative day.

Here are the rules:

Award this to seven of your favorite blogs with the following instructions:
1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog;
2. Link the person you received your award from;

3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs;
4. Put links of those blogs on yours;

I tried to find at least a few blogs that did not have the award on display already
Drum Roll, please ...

The following people have been chosen by their wit, wisdom and contribution to the blog community:







Thank you

Tuesday, September 23

Victorian Inspired Jewelry.......

Gerry of Gerrys Jewel Box carries brass stampings, cameos, settings and her own handmade jewelry in her shop. I ordered brass victorian style findings and I am still in the process of finishing those pieces. She carefully packaged my order and it arrived very quickly.
If you have not seen her Etsy Shop yet.....Pop in and browse her shop!

Friday, September 12

Have you ever seen any sweeter faces than these?

Nancy of NanjoDogz  has created some of the cutest little clay creatures.   The newest listings in the shop feature Animals in Halloween Costumes..."Lil Jailbird"..."Bully the Pirate"..."Willie the Worm"...etc.

Her Shop Categories include:
Buttons, Beads, Etc., Leash Holders, Pendents, Tiles,  Seasonal, Sculpture.

If you have an Animal lover on your list...Check out NanjoDogz blog.

Thursday, September 11

fans on closeout......

These battery powered fans are on sale at Walmart (My local store has reduced them down to $11.00).  End of Seasonal Closeouts...I guess they will reduce the price until they are sold out.  
The fans take 8 D batteries (and come with a power cord too) and it is so much stronger than the personal sized ones....It is great for the car and for camping, too.
I keep several in my "without power" kit.
You can tell by my stash (tarps, rope, bungees, batteries, flashlights, tape, water, canned goods-opener & battery powered Radio, TV, DVD player, tools...etc.) that I have been through a few storms by the things that I always have on hand at all times....Oh, some snicker & call me silly...But, they are the first to ask..."where did you find that"????

Tuesday, September 9

Check your money saving skills with the Spare Change Challenge

Do you wish you had more money?
Could you find ways to your "Spare change" to good use.
Take this money saving quiz from Quicken to see how you rate.

There were several questions on the challenge that did not apply for me.
I think they left quite a few things off the list that I saved lots of money by doing:
  • Do you use the dryer or hang your clothes? (saves on energy cost and wear and tear on clothing)
  • Do you grow some of your own food or herbs?
  • Shop thrift stores or garage sales?
  • Have you had an energy audit done on your home?  
  • Do you have a rainbarrel? 
  • Water saving aerators and shower heads (one of the first thing I install when I move into a new place)
  • Turn the water flow down under the sinks (no one ever noticed that one!)
  • Insulated windows and water heater?
  • Trade or barter?
  • Cook (from scratch)-make in advance-freeze casseroles ready to heat, for those nothing in the house/save on gas by not going for take out at home meals.
  • Buy on sale (add a coupon, if you have it)
  • Read online newspapers and magazines
  • Egg and Potato water (Let cool for watering plants)
  • Do you know where the clearance section is in every store? Check those back endcaps for some end of season closeouts.
  • Use Freecycyle?
  • Do you make holiday gifts?
  • Donate and recycle instead of throw out? (Deduction is a bonus).
  • Don't pay for services you can do yourself. Lawn, landscaping, family haircuts, painting, moving,
  • Use the library for books and movies.
  • Fill out entry forms for freebies-samples on the web and in-store promotions (You never know...better odds than Vegas).
  • Walk or bike (when-where you can)
That is just a few of the things that I thought of. I know there are many, many more cost cutters that I have done over the years to stretch the budget and not waste resources, too. I always check all the money saving challenge, thrifty lists to make sure I am not missing something new.

Sunday, August 31

August.....Hot and full of rage

I was in Florida in August of 2004 for the 4 hurricanes.
Please, evacuate if you are told to do so. It is not worth the risk to stay with your stuff!

Even mighty oaks can fall....
(Charlie, you sure did make a mess. I am very thankful that all my family & friends were not hurt...just a little rattled).

Wednesday, August 27

Faked Moon Landing?

It looks like a great episode tonight of MYTHBUSTERS
(check out the sneak preview)
NASA Moon Landing

On this episode of MythBusters, the team tackles the tallest tale of all in Moon Landing Hoax Hour. Did NASA pull off the greatest cover-up in human history?

I have read several of the websites devoted to this subject. They make some valid points...But, since I grew up in that decade...Watching the ONE television in the home, two to three channels, pre-dish -rabbit eared antennae...I watched that landing live! Nasa would not trick me..or would they???

Anyway, the show looks interesting....I will not give up my warm childhood cocoon where I keep my hulla hoop, records, autograph book, teen magazines, go-go boots world that easily.

Monday, August 25

Entrecard Drops...and Tool Bar

Wow...I run out of cards to drop before I am through.
I don't know how everyone drops (I am new to it). I go through my EC inbox for cards that I have not dropped on, make sure my favorites have not been forgotten and I still see that 300 per day way too soon.

It is great to get up in the morning and have an advert waiting for log into your dashboard and then see that they have cancelled it before you even see it. I give the person at least a day or two to approve my ads. Oh well...I have to sleep some time. I am not on the computer at night since I am on it all day.

So, I apologize to anyone who I did not return their drops...It does not mean I did not want to.....I simply just ran out of drops for the day....

Post Update:
Entre Tool Bar (for Firefox)
If you have not tried it it HERE.
It works great for loading all of your favorites in tabs and they are ready in a jif to drop and read!

Sunday, August 24

Inside the Actors Studio

I am watching Inside the Actors Studio with Elton John on Bravo....I mean Sir Elton John.  The show is so much better when they do not cut them down from the original 2 hours.   He brings back so many memories of growing up in the 70's,  music seemed to be such a large part of it.   Before the movie music...Elton and Bernie Taupin reached in and touched your soul.    I don't think I will ever forget the first time I heard "Your Song" on the radio (even if it was only a tiny little am radio,  it cascaded out of it and straight through me)......Thank you for such rich memories!

Sunday, August 17

We need more rain and cool breezes!

I found this little guy in the water dish (no wonder I have to refill the dish of water all of the time).

Friday, August 15

My Blog Awards

Thank you,


for your nomination for the

Arte y Pico award.


Thank you,
Christine ...
for this wonderful "I love your blog" award.

Mystery Ranch's Astrology Blog:
honored My Gypsygoods with this "I love your blog" award...... Thank You!

Thank You for the "LOVE"

Talk about Global Warming...

It looks like it is hot everywhere else in the US, not just in Texas.

I really feel for the people without air conditioners and good insulation in their homes.

Try and keep cool....
It will be fall before we know it!

Thursday, August 14

Cheap Eyewear

While dropping Entre Cards today, I just read about this site from another blog and thought I would add it here :

Complete Single Vision Eyeglasses starting at $8.00
Complete Bi-Focal Eyeglasses Starting at $25.00
Complete Progressive Eyeglasses starting at $37.00
Anti Scratch coating Free
UV protection Free
Lens Edge polishing and Beveling Free
Premium Photochromic lenses for
(Clear indoors, darkens outdoors in sunlight )
Upgrade to 1.61 index lenses for $17.00
Upgrade to 1.67 index lenses for $37.00
Premium anti reflective coating $4.95
Sunglass color tint coating (7 available) $4.95

I haven't used them yet, so I cannot give any recommendations or reviews---
just thought I would put this out there.
Pass it on to someone that might be in need of cheap eyewear!

Tuesday, August 5

Fantasy Art of Etsy...Visions of Atlantis

The Fantasy Art of Etsy
has a beautiful exhibition on the website
"Visions of Atlantis"
.....Click on the banners above to view the exhibit.....

Friday, August 1

Solar eclipse

On August 1, 2008, a total solar eclipse will occur as the new moon moves directly between the sun and the earth. The moon’s umbral shadow will fall on parts of Canada, Greenland, the Arctic Ocean, Russia, Mongolia, and China.

Solar eclipse links:

Wednesday, July 30

New distractions...Entrecard

I have signed up for another thing that I need to figure out exactly how it works....

Blogs, social networking, groups, websites (parked & waiting for me to work on them).
...How much is too much?
-Forgetting to eat lunch
-Going to bed and realizing that you have not "created anything" in days

Gee, I thought life got easier the older you get...
I guess it all depends on if you push yourself away from the computer desk.....
I need a

Tuesday, July 15

New handmade large clothespin bags

Large sized Cloth Clothespin Bags
12 inches high x 11 inches wide
Sturdy double layered fused 100% cotton fabric.
Green: Tropical Tropics
Ivory: Cocktail Party