Sunday, October 24

What's my favorite thing about having online shops....???

The opportunity to meet new people through their shops and blogs. A very prominent member of the Zibbet Community is Judy of  Portable Graffiti , Portable Graffiti Graphics , Wild Goose Chase and Proofreader (her 4 Zibbet Shops) was so kind to feature my newest listing on her blog: 

As you can tell she is a very busy lady and still makes the time everyday to post and help out in the Zibbet Community.  I know, I really appreciate all the time she takes to help in the forums.  She was one of the first people to greet me in the Zibbet Community.  I have learned so much from her posts and appreciate her kind and warm tone that she gives to the community.  That is what I think sets Zibbet apart from some of the other online places.

Judy has a something for everyone: 
Graphics, collectibles, buttons and proofreading.  Her variety of goods and services in her Zibbet Shops cannot be beat and very reasonable prices, too. 
Portable Graffiti

Over 2,000 Buttons..... Something for Everyone

Portable Graffiti Graphics

Graphic Design - Shop Banners - Web Ads - Brochures - Business Cards

Wild Goose Chase 

Wild Goose Chase - Vintage Goods - Crafts - Cards - Supplies- Oddities


Can't spell? Hate writing?  My proofreading service has low prices and is broken down into categories of the pages on your Zibbet shop.


Friday, October 8

John's 70th Birthday....

It is hard to believe he only lived 40 years.... Imagine what he would have accomplished by 70.