Wednesday, April 22

Earth Day....

Texas: H-E-B to give away reusable green bags on Earth Day Apr 21, 2009
H-E-B on Wednesday will give away 300,000 reusable shopping bags to celebrate Earth Day.

From 3 to 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 22
receive a coupon for a free reusable shopping bag when you drop at least five plastic shopping bags into the recycling bins located at the front of the store.

Limit one coupon per customer while supplies last.

H-E-B’s reusable bags are made of non-woven polypropylene, which is tough, strong, water resistant and recyclable. The bags, which typically can last for two years of weekly use, are made of the same type of plastic that’s used in yogurt containers, syrup bottles, straws and medicine bottles.

“Giving away green bags on Earth Day is a great way to encourage our customers to switch to reusable bags and build on their recycling habits for a better environment which contributes to a better community,” says Susan Ghertner, Manager of Environmental Affairs.

Plastics dropped into the recycling bins are recycled into plastic lumber, which has a range of uses including playground equipment, decks and fencing. In fact, the recycling bins themselves are made, in large part, from recycled plastic bags previously collected at H-E-B stores.


  1. put them in your car now!! Can you believe it: Wal-Mart is selling (!) blue tote bags (50¢) with their names on it! I bought two...

  2. Way cool! I got an email from Walgreens - On Earth Day they were giving away their totes (with a very cool hard bottom liner) along with a 15-20% off coupon for your entire purchase! That rocks!