Wednesday, December 2

I can't belive It has been this long..

since I have posted.....
It is hard to do everything this time of year (and I don't even have little ones). All of the social yadda.. yadda..

I know you all know what I am talking about!

I will get an email from a network and then(say to myself)...Oh, yea I forgot about that place (sorry Ning, I really do mean to visit and catch up). I plurk but don't really tweet anymore.

No major changes/decisions here until after the Holidays....Entrecard (get your act are missing out on your greatest advertising...Small business owners-not people pimping their girlfriends). My 300 are my fellow artisans, gardeners and other fantastic misc bloggers out there. I won't give up on Entrecard because of the blogs! I will keep my fingers crossed.

I can't believe it is December already (I say the same thing every year)..But, this one did come faster...It really did!