Wednesday, February 3

Walk in the Woods LLC

"At the Circus" by Walk in the Woods LLC (Artfire)

... senses open, shift, challenge and delight.

~ original watercolor painting
~ one of a kind
~ 2.5 x 3.5 inches
~ signed by the artist
~ titled and signed on the back

What is an ACEO/ATC?

Art Cards, Editions and Originals (ACEO), also called Art Trading Cards (ATC) are - in essence - miniature works of art the size of a trading or playing card (2.5 x 3.5 inches).

ACEOs and ATCs are very collectible and some folks even trade them. They may be framed to create a lovely wall display of miniature art. They make a nice, easy-to-mail OOAK gift of inspiration.

And they're just a fun and affordable way to collect original artwork and limited editions!

Be inspired by Nature!


  1. I love ATC's. I have quite a collection from a few years ago when I was a member of Nothingness. are you planning on making and exchanging some ATC's. if so let me know because I'd probably want to get in on the fun. Love those lil cards. btw, I have a Danny Tan Skeleton and several other miniature works of art from around the world.

  2. How sweet! Needless to say I *do* love this image, but - hey - it was created through me. Thanks so much for "feature" ~ I truly appreciate it!

    Have a joyful day - everyone! Peace.

  3. love watercolors! This is great!

  4. I've been creating and selling them for 3 years and i have collected so many I could fill up a wall! I bought 3 this week! Thanks for letting others know!