Wednesday, September 12

How did this much time go by?

I know I have been neglecting my blog this year.  I am hanging my head in shame on how long it has been since I have updated it.

It seems like the days are getting shorter... I know, Einstein, Thomas Edison and all those other geniuses had the exact number of hours in their day! ... Depressing thought or motivational one---you decide! 

Finally the temperature seems to be getting a little cooler.  We rode the Metrorail to downtown Austin yesterday.  There was a gentle breeze, so the walk from the station was a nice one.  I usually sew while traveling, but, I enjoyed the view instead.

I have lots of projects on the table, as usual.  Bows, mini hats and fascinators.  I am also making a new basket style organic coffee filter.  I have only carried the cone sized filter in my shops and it is time to add the basket one as well.