Tuesday, July 8

Growing leeks

After a trip to our local grocery store where I purchased leeks to cook with lunch. I cleaned, sliced and put some in the fridge for the next meal. My husband said "I'll bet if I plant the ends, they will grow"....The leeks did not even have very many tiny roots on the bottom...So, I really did not think they had a chance.

Well, negative thinking Nellie was wrong! They are growing. The deeper that you plant leeks, the more white will grow. I cut off the tops (like with green onions and right before winter I pull up the bulb. The small leaves are very tender when they are small. I use leaks in soup or anything that you use onions for. They are milder in flavor than most onions.

My plants have managed to stay alive despite very little rain and hot weather (TX). It is not July or August yet! I raise plants in large planters with lots of soil on my deck. Tomatoes, green onions, herbs and these crazy beans (asparagus beans) that seem like they grow at least 4 inches a day.