Friday, August 7

Sewing on a button

It is easier than you think, if you have never sewn a button on.  Here is a simple chart that I found.  We used to learn to sew in school many moons ago.  When my kids were little I took some loosely woven fabric (like burlap) a large embroidery needle that was rather blunt on the end, large buttons and showed them how to stitch the button on.  It was great for small motor skills.  I am one of those women that find handwork relaxing and sew when I am watching tv.  I always add a drop of clear nail polish to the thread when I am done.  But, be careful not to drip on the shirt.

Extra tip:
When you purchase a button down style shirt from a store... seal the thread on the button right away.  Tame that stray thread that gets pulled and the button falls off before you have to break the thread out and find a matching button because the original button is lost.

Happy sewing!

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