Thursday, September 11

fans on closeout......

These battery powered fans are on sale at Walmart (My local store has reduced them down to $11.00).  End of Seasonal Closeouts...I guess they will reduce the price until they are sold out.  
The fans take 8 D batteries (and come with a power cord too) and it is so much stronger than the personal sized ones....It is great for the car and for camping, too.
I keep several in my "without power" kit.
You can tell by my stash (tarps, rope, bungees, batteries, flashlights, tape, water, canned goods-opener & battery powered Radio, TV, DVD player, tools...etc.) that I have been through a few storms by the things that I always have on hand at all times....Oh, some snicker & call me silly...But, they are the first to ask..."where did you find that"????