Wednesday, December 17

I just signed up on Artfire

ArtFire - Buy Handmade - Sell Handmade

If you have been thinking of signing up for Artfire...
Please, please use my "gypsygoods" Link.
I added it to my right sidebar, too. I signed up through one of my Team members links and I was hoping that I would be able to find 10 friends that would help me out.

Artfire is $7 a month (for a limited time and then the price goes up).
If you are renewing your listings everyday on Etsy (It really adds up fast or if you have ever had your own website, the carts and hosting is much more than that)...I was interested as soon as I saw a screenshots of all of the stats that they provide.

From their website:

Verified Members Get Unlimited Listings with Zero Fees
Our verified status is a great deal at the normal price of US $20.00/month.
You’ll get all of the functionality of a website with great features like stats, your own sub-domain name, currency conversions and much more.

For life? Really? As long as you don't stop your monthly subscription your monthly cost is US $7.00 a month - forever. If you suspend service that price will not be available anymore. But the recurring fee if you stay with us will always be US $7.00 per month.

I am thinking of a creative bribe here for the referrals...maybe a prize/PIFs would be in order for those of you that add me GypsyGoods as your referral and sign up with a verified account.
...What do you think??? ...What would it take?
What kind of pretties? ...Buttons??? ... Earrings??? ...Gift certificate to my shops??? I make a wide variety of things...I will have to put my thinking cap on... Give me some ideas!
I will keep checking for referral credits and if you have used my shop and I don't see it..Please contact me! I have heard that it takes some time to get the credit (they verify that it is a real shop first).
...Leave a comment here on my blog or
convo me (Alteredevents or GypsyGoods)
Send me a message on Artfire (GypsyGoods)!!!