Monday, July 26

Can you tell I am gearing up for fall???? Can you be bribed?

I wanted another shop for destash and signed up for Zibbet last and forgot all about it.

Today after looking through the long lists of selling venues...I went back to Zibbet to give it a try.   It is very easy to use and has 2 levels of Shops ... free and Premium shops.....lots of views.  Just look at the screenshot. 
I have only been listing for a couple of hours and LOOK at the views. It reminds me of when Etsy was new (those were the days)

They are running a $9 a month (for life) special. Only 9o 69 slots left (today). 
The referral program will expire on September 01 or when the last Accounts are sold out!

What do you think of the idea of me offering....
.... an $$$18 Gift Certificate for my Shop Merchandise OR Custom Order...$$$ just for signing up through my referral link!....   Can you be bribed??  
.....Let me know what I can make for you!  ...Let's talk......I need 9 referrals...  

You will get to try out a Premium Shop and get a gift.....The gift certificate would be good for any of my merchandise at ANY of my shops (+ Free Shipping).   Sign up as a Premium member and use ME as your referral and as soon as I see that you signed up.  You can let me know what you would like and I will create a custom listing just for you as a thank you.   I have several button machines for custom pinbacks or fabric covered upholstery buttons.  If buttons aren't your thing,  I can make you a custom item, if you have something in mind that I do not have listed on Artfire, Etsy or Zibbet.  The holidays are coming up (just think about it)

I know, I am groveling........Please, think about this quickly before the special price is gone in a few short weeks.

I would appreciate the referral for signing up for a premium account at Zibbet: