Thursday, July 22

Craft is Art

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I just signed up for a new selling site... I have several other shops out there.  This one is really new.   With all the uproar over Handmade vs Factory, I thought I should put more eggs in my basket.  I hope this venue grows.   It is quiet there right now (shops on vacation).  It is a good time to work on getting stocked for the fall and holidays.   I have spotted a few other sellers from other sites there. 

I signed up and was so surprised how super easy it is to use!
It has 3 levels of membership:
basic (free), pay as you go and premium (6.99 a month).
*Easy listing
*Quick and easy item importer (Etsy)
*Shop Backgrounds (like a blog)
*Banner 700x whatever size you want high
*Shop Blog
(basically the best of the other sites all put together...just a newbie in the marketplace).
If you are wanting (or need) to give another place a try............I would appreciate if you would use my referral link below:

Or if you would prefer to use a code....

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Thank you so much, wishing you lots and lots of great sales with this new site (Stop by my shop there and leave me a comment on the bottom of the page),