Tuesday, July 19

I love fresh flowers, but, they never last long enough!  I put the fresh flower food in the water and changed the water too. 

These are the roses that my hubby brought home for me for our Anniversary on Friday.  I put them in a vase in the bedroom and moved them out to the kitchen to enjoy them the next day.  He was off from work for a couple of days.  We had a great lunch and went swimming at the community pool.  He worked two jobs for so many years and we didn't buy each other anything for occasions that it was a real treat to get flowers and spend time together.

My newest bean plants have invaded the willow tree!  They are the Asian yard long beans or asparagus beans.  I might have to get a stepladder if they climb any higher.

If it were not for this willow tree we would not have any plants this late in July.  With the temps in the 100's for well over a month.  I am so surprised that everything is doing so well.