Thursday, August 14

Cheap Eyewear

While dropping Entre Cards today, I just read about this site from another blog and thought I would add it here :

Complete Single Vision Eyeglasses starting at $8.00
Complete Bi-Focal Eyeglasses Starting at $25.00
Complete Progressive Eyeglasses starting at $37.00
Anti Scratch coating Free
UV protection Free
Lens Edge polishing and Beveling Free
Premium Photochromic lenses for
(Clear indoors, darkens outdoors in sunlight )
Upgrade to 1.61 index lenses for $17.00
Upgrade to 1.67 index lenses for $37.00
Premium anti reflective coating $4.95
Sunglass color tint coating (7 available) $4.95

I haven't used them yet, so I cannot give any recommendations or reviews---
just thought I would put this out there.
Pass it on to someone that might be in need of cheap eyewear!