Monday, August 25

Entrecard Drops...and Tool Bar

Wow...I run out of cards to drop before I am through.
I don't know how everyone drops (I am new to it). I go through my EC inbox for cards that I have not dropped on, make sure my favorites have not been forgotten and I still see that 300 per day way too soon.

It is great to get up in the morning and have an advert waiting for log into your dashboard and then see that they have cancelled it before you even see it. I give the person at least a day or two to approve my ads. Oh well...I have to sleep some time. I am not on the computer at night since I am on it all day.

So, I apologize to anyone who I did not return their drops...It does not mean I did not want to.....I simply just ran out of drops for the day....

Post Update:
Entre Tool Bar (for Firefox)
If you have not tried it it HERE.
It works great for loading all of your favorites in tabs and they are ready in a jif to drop and read!