Sunday, August 17

We need more rain and cool breezes!

I found this little guy in the water dish (no wonder I have to refill the dish of water all of the time).


  1. I love him! He obviously has a hot tush.

  2. I think toads eat birds- maybe he is cooking in there.

    I can be found here
    One of a Kind Wisconsin.

  3. My in-laws have an entire toad population that overtook their backyard pond. Yours seems bigger though.

  4. What a great little creature. Hope he didn't finish off the birdies.

  5. This is not related to your current post - but thank you for your quote of the day from Louisa May Alcott ... I used to love to read her books and remember my mother buying me Little Women when I had a streaming cold. I don't know how I managed to get to the end of the book with all of the sadness and the streaming at the same time. I think that Louisa helped me to cry my cold out of my system.
    A really lovely quotation. :)